Synonym is a product that allows a company to easily archive all email messages going in and out. It can copy mail messages, delete, reject or add a text and/or html signature based on a XML based configuration file listing regular expression rules.

Please note: Synonym is no longer being actively developed. While it gets the job done, you may want to check out the site for a actively developed alternative.

Why archive messages?

An archive containing all the messages that passed through a company's MTA ensures no messages are lost. Even when using public folders with read-only access, some messages might not contain the public folder address in the recipients list so when a user deletes a message that email might be lost forever. A searchable archive of all the talks between a company and the client is a very useful tool allowing incident tracking for people that were not directly involved in the email flow.

How can I tell if my messages are being copied using Synonym?

Synonym adds a header named "X-Synonym" to all messages being copied. It includes the address to which the emails were copied. If the email is missing this header, it was not copied by Synonym.

Doesn't copying messages constitute an invasion of privacy?

Synonym starts out as a tool that helps people follow projects. If you are concerned about the privacy of your email conversations, you should use GNU PGP to encrypt your messages. If someone wants to read your email and they have the required access level, they can open your mailbox without using Synonym. Please note that Modulo Consulting is in no way responsible for the usage of the product. See Synonym's license for more details.

How does Synonym work?

Synonym is based on the Sendmail Milter extension. For an excellent description on Milter and other products using it, see Stéphane Lentz's Milter Slides.